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Top 5 Responsive E-Commerce Sites: The Anatomy a Successful eCommerce Website

In this day and age, any business worth their salt should have a proper website. This is doubly true for companies in retail and eCommerce. In 2020, North American eCommerce sales figures amounted to $552.6 billion. This number is expected to grow even more in the coming years and by 2040, experts say over 95% of all purchases will go through eCommerce solutions.

Given the growing competition in this space, an eCommerce website that delivers on both form and function is a must. In no particular order, here are 5 of the best eCommerce websites we’ve seen in recent months.

1. Oculus


Today, Oculus is a household name and is now the dominant force in consumer VR. Facebook’s VR mainstay is the most popular VR headset brand in the world with the Quest 2 holding the title of Most Used VR headset on Steam. Unsurprisingly, the Oculus website is no slouch and hits hard and fast, effectively communicating a clear message to their customers.


The first thing that potential customers will see when loading the site is their most popular product (the Quest 2) and a Call to Action that is straightforward, yet compelling. The Oculus website sells both hardware and software but does it in a way that is easy to understand, which makes the site very easy to navigate. This is especially important since Oculus caters to a wide variety of customers from all ages.

2. Ceremony Coffee Roasters


Ceremony Coffee Roasters is a premium coffee eCommerce store that sells freshly roasted coffee beans and other coffee products. Their website is an exercise in good, clean design. In terms of visuals alone, they are clearly a cut above the competition, and the entire experience of purchasing coffee from their site is a treat for the senses.You start with a visually appealing, easy to navigate shop. This is followed by a quick and painless checkout process, and when your coffee does arrive, you finish with a delicious cup of freshly roasted coffee.

Ceremony Coffee

The design language is impeccable, the photography is consistent and easy on the eyes, and the site works great on any device.

3. Subskription



Subkription is an innovative subscription service developed to cater specifically to influencers and taste makers. They provide a seamless platform that allows for recurring income for influencers via a monthly drop. On the other side of the fence, this also makes it easy for fans and followers of popular influencers to gain access to the latest trends in lifestyle and fashion. Subskription’s website is an exercise in elegance, minimalism and tasteful restraint. The visual elements are sharp and clean yet bold and memorable all at the same time. The website is uncluttered and purposeful, making navigation a breeze. It looks great regardless of screen size and important elements are given proper emphasis and weight.

Subkription seamlessly links to all major social media platforms, which is essential for both influencers and their followers. This seamless integration is essential in delivering info about the latest drops and specialty products to millions of social media users in the wild.

4. Karst


Karst is a notebook brand that focuses on sustainability and quality. They sell a wide range of notebooks, journals and other paper products and the sheer breadth of their selection necessitates the need for smart and intuitive UX design choices.

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Upon entering the site, users are greeted with a quaint but memorable animation sequence that quickly transitions to the homepage proper. Site visitors are then treated to a simple rotating product showcase that shows exactly what Kart is about.

At first glance, the Shop section might seem a bit overwhelming. However, the Discover page quickly and easily demystifies the selection process with clever use of graphics and interactive elements.

5. Allbirds


Allbirds is a shoe and apparel brand that cares about the planet. They use sustainable materials and processes with an emphasis on reversing the effects of climate change. This philosophy is clearly reflected in the design language used throughout the website.


The site is easy to navigate and utilizes many of the best practices associated with solid UX design. The layout is uncluttered and sensible, which translates very well to a wide range of screen sizes and devices.

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